Infill & The Refresh – Tenant Improvements

Detroit, MI

One of America’s largest lenders headquartered in Detroit, received around 420,000 SF of Tenant Improvements to (6) newly constructed floors (by others) and (5) existing floors of the Campus Martius Building. Offering a fully functional high-rise with adjoining occupied spaces, creating a purposeful interior space that could change the way people work, live, and interact with each other. Throughout the floors, you will find unique spaces like the Sunken Meeting Room, Speakeasy, 1+1 Rooms, Innovation Hubs, Open Office Areas and other collaborative spaces for small or large groups.

Unique Design/Construction Methods:

  • Structural steel with composite concrete deck with raised access flooring
  • Speakeasy rotating door design
  • LV-08 Lobby design with ACT-03
  • LV-05 sunken meeting space
  • LV-06 genius bar design

With portions of the building being occupied, it was crucial to be accommodating of the employee’s that were working in the building concurrently with the construction. This posed a challenge with certain noise generating activities, making it necessary to coordinate with all parties closely to get these tasks complete on time and keep the employees happy.