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Pre-qualification of Subcontractors:
Braun Construction Group developed, implemented, and maintains a database of pre-qualified subcontractors for all building divisions.  Our database was developed through the use of our “Subcontractor Evaluation Form” via our Construction Management Software developed by Pantera Global Technology. Braun Construction Group’s experience with a particular subcontractor is based on their estimate, project management, engineering, accounting and overall performance.  In addition to this evaluation form, Braun Construction Group evaluates the subcontractor’s interest in the work, experience in the work, capability to staff the project and maintain the schedule, financial strength, and previous experience with the architect/engineer, Braun Construction Group and the owner. This pre-qualification form is available online, which can be saved and completed at your discretion. After completing this form, it will then be sent to our Estimating Coordinator for review and your company will be added into our private subcontractor database to receive Invitation’s to Bid.

Subcontractor Relationship:
Braun Construction Group feels that we have an excellent relationship with our subcontractors - our business is dependent on them. Therefore, we treat them much like we treat our Owners/Architects. We monitor our respective performance with our subcontractor base with quarterly reviews, which exposes areas of performance improvement. We believe that’s what makes our relationship strong from the beginning, happens during the bidding process. Prior to soliciting proposals, project specific scopes of work and construction schedules are created in great detail, ensuring all competitors are granted the opportunity to bid equally and competitively. This creates opportunity for constant contact throughout the bidding process with our Estimators and develops a great understanding of how each other work and communicate.