City of Gibraltar Municipal Complex

Gibraltar, MI

The old City Hall on Munro Street, originally a one-room school house built in 1935, was demolished to make way for the new municipal complex in the City of Gibraltar. The new complex combines the City
Hall, Fire Station, and Police Department into one building which also houses employees form the City Clerk, City Treasurer and the Department of Public Works.

The new, two-story, 34,790 SF complex is built of a wood, steel, and masonry frame with brick and glass exterior. A shingled roof and decorative lighthouse design highlight the exterior’s design. The project site was re-landscaped and paved with extensive sidewalks and site lighting.

The interior of the building has vinyl wall covering and paint, wood doors and trim. Ceramic tile, vinyl tile, and carpet are all used throughout the facility which is also home the to the City Council chambers and a museum. The entrance lobby has a tiled design depicting the City’s logo.