Ford Motor Company – CCM

Dearborn, MI

The Ford Motor Company Construction Commodities Management program (CCM), developed by Ford Motor Company’s Purchasing Department ensures consistent and predictable construction results. Braun Construction Group was selected as the sole construction service provider to 22 major facilities throughout the Ford Research and Engineering Center. Our team is charged with programming, developing, engineering, estimating, and constructing of over 50 projects each year. The majority of this work is done in occupied and operational facilities, that cannot afford to lose any production time.

The focus of the CCM program was to reduce overall construction costs, but it also benefits the Ford Motor Company by providing increased familiarity with the building and contractor, strengthened relationships with the building facilities personnel and a single point of contact for all projects. Reduction of mobilization and demobilization costs and assistance in planning work with UAW trades are also benefits provided to the client through this unique partnership.